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Adult Care Service provides in-home attendant services to people over the age 21 who have an approved medical need for assistance with personal care services.

Children Care Service provides in-home attendant services to people under the age of 21 who require assistance with activities of daily living of a physical, cognitive or behavioral limitation related to their disability, physical or mental illness, or chronic condition.

Our commitment to service is based on total customer satisfaction. The reason Excel-E-Care Home Care has been so successful during its years of operation is credited to the dedication and hard work of its owner and staff. The philosophy of management and staff has been and continues to be that the client deserves the very best service that can be offered. Client service is above owner’s profit.

Below is a more detailed description of the services we offer:

Bathing may include:

Filling tub, sink, laying out supplies, assisting in/out of tub or shower; sponge bathing and drying, bed bathing and drying; stand-by assistance for safety.

Dressing may include:

Dressing or undressing client; laying out clothes; assisting with buttons, zippers, putting on shoes.

Exercise may include:

Taking client for a walk, range of motion exercises.

Feeding may include:

Spoon feeding, bottle feeding, and stand-by assistance.

Grooming may include:

Shaving, brushing teeth, applying make-up, shaving under arms, legs, caring for nails.

Hair/Skin Care may include:

Washing/drying hair, assisting with setting hair (does not include cutting hair, permanents or any chemical processing) combing/brushing hair, applying nonprescription lotion to skin.

Toileting may include:

Changing diapers; changing colostomy bag; emptying catheter; assisting on/off bedpan; assisting with clothing during toileting; assisting with toilet hygiene, toilet paper, washing hands and stand-by assistance.

Transfer may include:

Assisting client in rising from sitting position; positioning cane or walker; assisting with putting or taking off leg braces or prosthesis; assist client in changing position in bed; and stand-by assistance with ambulation.

Cleaning may include:

Cleaning up after personal care tasks; cleaning bathroom changing bed linens; making up bed; vacuuming; mopping; dusting; carrying out trash; washing dishes; cleaning stove top counters.

Laundry may include:

Doing hand wash; gathering and sorting; going to laundry mat; using washer/dryer in home; folding and putting away clothes.

Preparation may include:

Cooking full meal, warming up prepared food, planning meals, serving food.

Escort may include:

Arranging for transportation; going with & waiting with client & to MD office or clinic.

Shopping may include:

Preparing shopping list; going to store and purchasing items; picking up medication; putting food away.

Assist with Medication may include:

Reminding; bring glass of water; bringing medication container to client; opening medication container.

Transport may include:

Picking up client and transporting client to MD office, store, shopping, activity center, movies, etc….and back to place of origin.


Excel E-Care Home Care
9516 North Freeway
Houston, Texas 77037

Tel: 281-448-2019
Email: contact@excelehomecare.com

Our Services

  • Medication Reminders
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparations
  • Home Visits


  • Telephone Check-in
  • Bathing
  • Errands and Shopping
  • Day or Night Companionship
  • Weekends, Holidays

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